At Tom Nolan Motors we are a team of qualified mechanics who go that extra mile to look after your car so it can too. Based in Tullow, Co. Carlow our workshop is ready to service or repair your car and get you back on the road.

If it’s a new car you are looking for then we have you covered there as well. Choose from our range of nearly new and secondhand quality cars.

If you have an NCT or DOE test coming up soon then we can run all required pre-checks on your car or light commercial vehicle. We look after all makes of cars and offer an honest and transparent service to all our clients – that’s why we have so much repeat business and long term clients.


  • Evenings getting darker – are your lights ok?
  • Weather getting wetter/colder – how are your tyres?
  • NCT due – let us pre-check your car
  • DOE due – let us check your commercial
  • Car making funny noises – need a service?
  • Odd wear on tyres – alignment will fix this
  • Hard to get into gear – time for a new clutch

Services Provided

Pre NCT/DOE Testing

We can check your car prior to any upcoming NCT or DOE tests to make sure everything is in working order. This is a great idea and saves you time and money if you want to pass your test the first time around.

Car Servicing

We service all makes of cars at our workshop in Tullow. Our team of fully trained mechanics are on hand to make sure your car is performing as it should be. Did you know that a properly serviced car can help with fuel consumption, wear and tear and overall safety when driving.


We have a full diagnostics set-up so can check the more detailed aspects of your car. A car these days is like a computer with all the electrical components so make sure yours is right. We use specialised software to examine everything from fuel intake to overall performance. This service pays for itself over time.

Headlight & Wheel Allignment

As the days get darker and the weather takes a turn for the worse it is crucial to have your headlights aligned and setup properly. At Tom Nolan Motors we have specialised equipment for headlight alignment so you can see where you are going in the dark. We also have the kit to properly align your wheels. This saves lots of money on tires because once aligned correctly you reduce wear and tear.

Timing Belts & Clutches

We specialise in timing belt replacement at our workshop in Tullow. A faulty or damaged timing belt can cause catastrophic engine damage. Why not call in and we can check it out for you. Better safe than sorry.

A slipping clutch in any car needs to be replaced or it will cause long term wear on your engine, often resulting in a much higher cost to replace because of internal damage. Why not let one of the team take care of this for you.

AirCon Servicing

We have all the specialist equipment required to repair, re-gas or replace your cars air conditioning unit. It’s one of the first things a prospective buyer will check when looking at your car so make sure it’s pumping out ice cold air.

A relatively straightforward process so just call in and talk to one of the team today and get your car booked in. We look after the rest.

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